The aims of the Biology department are to-Engage all pupils at every level and develop their general scientific literacy.

We aim to develop in pupils an awareness of themselves, of the living world around them and the impact that they have on their environment.

Provide pupils with suitable skills and qualifications to allow them to further their studies of Biology.

Enhance the future career prospects of all pupils.

We believe that learning should be hands-on and enjoyable and that everyone can achieve their maximum potential by working hard.

We like to foster a positive atmosphere where pupils feel comfortable to discuss concepts, ask questions and take charge of their own learning.

We expect pupils to be respectful of others, to work well together, to work hard and to make the most of their time with us."



What we teach

S1- S2: Pupils are engaged in a General Science course which has Units of Biology including: Biodiversity and Interdependence, Cells and Body Systems, Biotechnology, and Genetics. These courses follow the new guidelines laid down by CfE. As well as providing pupils with an excellent grounding for S3 and National 4/5 Biology, these courses all provide experiences which develop transferable skills such as research and presentation skills, laboratory skills and teamwork.

S3: : Pupils who wish to continue studying Sciences in S3 can choose from Biology, Chemistry or Physics with a number of pupils choosing a combination of two or more science subjects. The Biology Course has three units: Life on Earth, Cell Biology and Multicellular Organisms.

National 4 & 5: These courses may run in separate classes or in bi-level classes. Both courses have a broadly similar outline to the S3 Biology. The content of each unit develops understanding in key areas and increases in depth and complexity from S3 through National 4 & 5.

Higher:Pupils are assessed at the end of each unit and also complete one internally assessed experiment writeup and an SQA Assessed Assignment (similar in concept but more in depth than National 5 Biology). Pupils learn theory in a variety of ways including case studies, many opportunities for collaborative research, discussion and peer presentations as well as more conventional methods. There are many opportunities for pupils to develop their experimental skills with more complex procedures.

Advanced Higher: The AH Biology course is taught jointly with Moray College UHI. It has 3 mandatory units including a project which will be covered as follows: Organisms and Evolution - Lab/Field Techniques, Cells and Proteins and Organisms and Evolution. Investigative biology and project reports are covered at Moray College UHI.

The Staff

Principal Teacher: Jen Kerr

Teacher: Dawn Frost




Tel:01343 545181

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