The Home Economics Department aims to provide a sound basis of knowledge and skills required to enable young people to make reasoned and informed life choices. It aims to develop an understanding of, and give practice in, the use of food-related equipment, materials and procedures.

Students will also develop an understanding of the impact of the choice of ingredients on health and well being, while learning crucial food safety and hygiene skills.

For S1-6 Home Economics will provide a meaningful experience and opportunities for personal fulfilment in creative, sensory and practical skills.






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What we teach

S1-S2: Pupils in S1 and S2 are offered a variety of learning experiences which enable them to achieve success in developing a range of skills relevant to their day-to-day lives. In the area of health, for example, they acquire the knowledge on which to base wise food choices, and the skills required to prepare and cook healthy food.

S3: The S3 course enhances pupils technical ability in basic cookery and provides a set of foundation skills for those who wish to progress further within a hospitality context.

S4-S6: Pupils learn to plan, produce, and present meals. The focus is on developing an understanding of a variety of ingredients and responsible sourcing and sustainability. Pupils also develop an understanding of the impact of ingredients on health and wellbeing and aim to demonstrate excellent food safety and hygiene practices.

The Staff

Principal Teacher: Ross Trybis

Teacher: Robyn Nisbet

Annual Course cost

S1 - £20, S2 - £25, S3 - £35

National 4/5 Hospitality - £55

National 5 Creative Cakes - £50

Enhanced provision cookery - £30

(S1/2 Electives: £1 per week)

Parents/ guardians are informed about costs in September by Royal Mail and payments should be received by the school office by January.

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