Upon entering our school each student will be assigned to a house based on the scottish isles featured below.

Throughout their time at EHS students can earn points for their house by competing in various activities or displaying excellent performance within the classroom.

These points are then collated and the house with the most points at the end of the year is awarded the renowned house trophy.

New House Groups – We have now shared with all students and staff information about our new House Groups. With the launch of our new House groups it is important that we move forward together as a whole school community to embed the new system in the daily life of Elgin High School.  This will take time to achieve and involve the contribution of everyone. As we raise the identity of our new Houses together we look forward to sharing our progress with you.  All staff have now been allocated to a House group. This will involve encouraging students to participate in activities and supporting at events. Principal Teachers of Guidance will each lead a house, assisted by a student leadership team.

House    Colour    PT Guidance                 Subject staff

Arran     Blue        Vicki Jolly                         HE, Maths, Bus.Ed/ICT

Iona       Yellow    Debbie McDonald             English, Technical, PEF, RME, Music

Jura       Green    Alena Gardiner                  Mod Lan, Geog, Mod St, History, Drama

Skye      Red        Lucia Cunvin-Smith           Science, Art, PE




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