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15 January 2018    Show My Homework IOS/Android App for Parents

The Mobile App is a free and easy way for parents to stay informed-on-the go. To get the App, just visit the Apple/Play Store, search for Show My Homework and click download. For more information on the app please refer to this guide: (Click here)

12 March 2018    Named Person Service Availability

The Named Person Service must be made available to all children from birth to 18 years of age. During the holiday period the Named Person Service will be covered by the Local Authority centrally. The Duty Named Persons can be contacted through the general enquiries line on 01343 563374 or via the generic e-mail address during normal working hours.

As always, if the Named Person is not available and there is a concern for a child, a call must be made to Duty Social Work on 01343 563900 (08457 565 656 out of office hours) and/or the police on 101.


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31 August 2018 New 33 Period Week Timetable

Please click the link below to view the new timetable at Elgin high School.

(New Timetable)    

07 January 2019 Information for Parent /Carers on Pupil Support at Elgin High School

Dear Parent / Carer,

Following the recent appointment of Lucia Cunvin-Smith to the position of Principal Teacher of Guidance I am pleased to share that we are now fully staffed with three Principal Teachers of Guidance.

For your information, Mrs Cunvin-Smith is currently our Principal Teacher of Support for Learning and is very busy supporting P7-S1 Transition and students requiring Additional Arrangements for examinations.  In view of this we felt it was best for her to remain in her current position supporting these students until the change of timetable in June.  This means we will be appointing an Acting Principal Teacher of Guidance as soon as possible.

In addition to this, due to a projected increase in our role from August 2019 we will be looking to appoint an additional (fourth) Principal Teacher of Guidance.  The advertisement for this position will be live very soon.

The increase in roll also means we will need to create a fourth House Group in addition to the current Eagles, Falcons and Ospreys Houses.  Students and staff already been informed of this and invited to share their thoughts on how these should be named. I would like to offer the same opportunity for you.  It is an exciting time for Elgin High School and our Student Voice group have been given the responsibility of co-ordinating the consultation. I look forward to sharing more news of this with you in the near future.

In the meantime, if you require any further information please do not hesitate to contact the school.

27 May 2019    New House Groups

We have now shared with all students and staff information about our new House Groups. With the launch of our new House groups it is important that we move forward together as a whole school community to embed the new system in the daily life of Elgin High School.  This will take time to achieve and involve the contribution of everyone. As we raise the identity of our new Houses together we look forward to sharing our progress with you.  All staff have now been allocated to a House group. This will involve encouraging students to participate in activities and supporting at events. Principal Teachers of Guidance will each lead a house, assisted by a student leadership team.

House    Colour    PT Guidance                    Subject staff

Arran      Blue        Mrs V. Jolly                        HE, Maths, Bus.Ed/ICT

Iona       Yellow     Mrs D. McDonald               English, Technical, PEF, RME, Music

Jura       Green      Mrs A. Gardiner                 Mod Lan, Geog, Mod St, History, Drama

Skye      Red         Mrs L. Cunvin-Smith           Science, Art, PE

Pupil Support teachers have also been allocated across the House groups following discussion within the department.

25 June 2019    Moray School Bank Collection in School

Following on from our recent successful partnership with The Moray School Bank we would be grateful if you could donate any uniform that you no longer need by popping it in to the Moray School Bank collection bin we have in school (situated at the stairwell leading to the library).  The collection bin is a permanent feature in school now and any bags of unwanted clothing can be brought in and deposited as all items will all be reused or sent for recycling to raise funds throughout the year.

19 September 2019    EHS 33 period week survey

(Please be aware these surveys are now closed)

EHS Student 33 period week survey        

EHS Parent/Carer 33 period week survey

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