Special thanks go to Springfield Properties who kindly donated £200 towards the exchange, and to Pinz, who offered the German pupils, along with a selection of Elgin pupils, a bowling and burger night on their last evening.  There were many tears on Saturday when the pupils left Elgin, and we are very much looking forward to the opportunity to welcome them again soon, as well as go back to Landshut.

From 20-28 October, Elgin High School welcomed 30 pupils and 2 teachers from Hans Leinberger Gymnasium in our twin town of Landshut.  The pupils had a great time visiting many different areas of Moray and beyond, and highlights included a reception with our convener at the council, Loch Ness, Fort George and of course 2 days in the brand new Elgin High School experiencing a variety of lessons and activities (including a wonderful Landshut – Elgin quiz in the library).   





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