Your school library is here to help you build confidence and enjoyment both in reading and finding the information you need to know. We aim to do that in lots of different ways. 

Your School Librarian is Mrs Mclean. She is here to help you find books you like to read and information you need. Pupils  visit the Library regularly to change books and find authors and titles new to them via Book Talks, Book Displays and so on. Mrs Mclean supports young people in developing Information & Digital Literacy skills, both supplying level appropriate resources and helping pupils further develop effective research skills.

The Staff

Librarian: Kirsten Macleod

The Library is open between 8.30 am and 4.30 pm every day. Sometimes we need to close it for special activities but we will make sure you know about this in advance.

Lots of activities take place in your school library including reading, research, studying, computer use, small group work, class work, book clubs, lunch time activities and special events. You are always welcome to come along.  If you have any ideas for clubs or groups that could use the library let Mrs Mclean know.

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