Very little in our lives is not touched by politics in some way. By the time pupils leave EHS, the department hopes to have instilled in them a continuing interest in current affairs and an enthusiasm to find out more about important political, social and international issues which will have an impact on their lives. All pupils study units which broadly encompass key Social, Political and International issues.  S1 and S2 pupils are timetabled for Modern Studies one period a week, increasing to 3 periods a week if studied in S3.  There is also the option to pursue Modern Studies at both National and Higher levels; Advanced Higher may be offered for certain years if uptake is sufficient.  

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What we teach

Modern Studies is a challenging and exciting subject which is constantly changing and developing. Pupils will learn skills which can be used in the work place and throughout the school. Unique skills to Modern Studies include detecting exaggeration, decision making and effectively making conclusions from an extensive range of sources. Modern Studies allows young people the chance to develop in order to enhance their skills for learning, skills for work and skills for life.

S1: Human Rights, Worldwide Human Rights and Crime and the Law.

S2: Developing World and Piracy, Families and the Scottish Parliament.

S3: Ideology: USA and China, Participation and Representation and Gangs in the UK

National 5: Crime and the Law or Social Inequality, USA or Conflict and Democracy in Scotland

Higher: Social Inequality, Development and Democracy in Scotland

Advanced Higher – Law and Order in the UK

The Staff

Principal Teacher: Alison McIver

Teacher: Lizzie Toon




Tel:01343 545181

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