During the winter season, circumstances such as adverse weather conditions or the breakdown of essential services such as heating affect the running of our school and prevent students and staff from reaching the school safely. Should this occur the Head Teacher may, in consultation with The Moray Council, Police Scotland and the bus companies involved, decide to close the school partially or completely. Where such a decision is made, the primary concern will be for the safety and well being of our pupils. We will strive to keep the school open until such an event occurs. Should we have to partially close the school, some flexible working within the school will be necessary as all teaching staff may not be available.

On a rare occasion the weather may take a turn for the worse during the course of the day or perhaps in just one part of our catchment area. Although we expect local police to keep us advised, we also welcome information from parents in outlying areas about worrying developments in the weather. Should the decision be made to close the school early due to severe weather conditions, the time for such a closure will probably be lunchtime. This will allow lunches to be served, while giving enough time for journeys to be completed in daylight. Should heavy snowfall  occur prior to 9.00am, we will keep our students safe in the building until we are informed of clear road conditions. If necessary, we will acquire information regarding plans to clear and grit roads before buses are called.

In the event of a closure bus pupils will be told to go to designated areas within the school building and will not be released until we know the buses have arrived. Under no circumstances should bus pupils take it upon themselves to walk home. This is extremely dangerous at any time but particularly in difficult weather conditions.

Unfortunately it is not possible for the school to individually phone parents to advise of an early closure. However, a text message will be sent to all parents via our “group call system”. We would be grateful if you would ensure we have an up to date mobile number for you otherwise a message will be sent to the home number.

For information on whether or not our school is closed please check the following:

- Our Facebook activity on the home page or click on Facebook link on the bottom of the page.

- Check the head teachers Twitter feed, (Click on Twitter link on the bottom of the page).

- The Moray Council website, (Click Moray Council Logo at the top of this page).

- Listen to the radio broadcast on




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