The Staff

Head Teacher: Hugh McCulloch

Depute Head Teacher: Nicky Grant

Depute Head Teacher: Emma McLauchlan

Principle Teacher: Fiona Davidson

Principle Teacher: Debbie McDonald

The Senior Leadership Team is the key leadership group within the school, as well as having a major role to play in the day-to-day running of the school. All members of the SLT have particular responsibility for the development, delivery and monitoring of whole school systems and practices, the support and supervision of middle leaders, and ensuring good discipline around the school. They play a crucial role, through systems of line management, in ensuring that the School Improvement Plan is a working tool, which moves the school forward. This is a key aspect of ensuring that the ethos of the school is given a practical focus and it is the responsibility of the Senior Team to ensure that the vision for the school is delivered by working effectively with all staff in the school.  




Tel:01343 545181

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