This page is designed to support your academic progression in a variety of ways. We have provided links to help you prepare for your exams and to help you understand the exam process as well as providing links to support your revision and quality of life within the school.


When attending after school clubs / activities make sure to sign in and out at the reception office. Please also make a note of where you will be in case of of emergencies

Elgin High School provides a wide variety of in school and after school clubs for students to join. Click here to view a full list of the clubs currently running.


Experience some of the material provided by SCHOLAR covering a range of subjects such as Chemistry and Mathematics. Delve into learning materials and activities provided for teachers and students across Scotland.

Glow is the Digital learning platform for Scotland. Glow services and materials are free to all students with a Glow login and can be accessed at anytime, anywhere, and on any device.


The school library has a wide range of revision books and study guides. There are also copies of past papers. These can be used in the library or borrowed on overnight loan.

Take a look at this helpful leaflet designed by other students and teachers to help you improve your grades.

Pick the three that will make the difference to your results!

This link will redirect you to our exam preparation page which contains guidelines on the examination process as well as links to websites to help you prepare.

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