In the department we offer courses in Art and Design at National 3, 4, 5 and Higher levels and courses in photography at NPA (National Progression Awards) and Higher levels.

In Art and Design pupils produce work in Expressive and Design areas as well as responding critically to the work of artists and designers, including their own. Pupils gain experience and knowledge in problem solving, critical thinking, investigation, planning, evaluation and working together skills.

In photography pupils  gain practical knowledge and understanding of photography. As well as these skills pupils in the NPA course experience the world of work through visits to various local businesses and visits from photography professionals.

There are many career paths that can be followed with the knowledge and skills learned in the department.

Further study of Art, Design and Photography in Further education or employment where the skills learned in the department will be invaluable.

At the moment there are no clubs running in the department.

What we teach

S1-S3: BGE (Broad General Education). At the start of each year pupils practice their drawing skills and knowledge in using visual elements such as tone, colour, shape, pattern and texture and the use of different media such as pencil, pen, oil pastel and charcoal. In S1, a graphic design unit is produced and a painting with linked written work. In S2, the work becomes more challenging with a 3D unit and a further painting. Pupils will investigate an art movement and a design movement/style. In S3, a graphic design styles unit is produced and a choice of painting such as a natural or urban environment, still life or portrait. For the written work pupils will investigate the Social, Cultural, Historical and Scientific influences on the movements chosen in S2. As well as this core art and design course pupils can choose a further 2 periods a week in S1 and S2 in the Elective choices.

S4-S6: Senior Phase. In S4-S6 we offer courses in Nationals from level 3-5 in Art and Design. Pupils cover work in Art and Design with an investigation of artists and designers work. We also offer courses in Photography at Higher level and at NPA (National Progression Award). The Higher course looks at Image making and Contextual Imagery with a Project that is sent to the SQA for marking. Image making looks at the work of famous photographers and how the camera works. Contextual imagery looks at different genres such as landscape, portraiture, documentary and still life and different styles of photography such as black and white, selective colour, low and high key lighting. The theme of the project is of the pupils own choosing and covers all the skills and knowledge learned in the earlier part of the course. NPA is offered at levels 4 and 5 and is an introduction to photography. Pupils cover 4 units: Understanding Photography, Photographing People, Photographing Places and Working with Photographs. This is internally assessed on a Pass or Fail basis. For those students who wish to take their Art, Design and Photography further we offer a folio course or Advanced Higher in Art or Design.

The Staff

Principal Teacher: Mrs J. Stewart

Teacher: Mrs J. Lawson

Teacher: Mrs P. Wickens

Forgotten Art

Any ex-pupil who would like their artwork back should contact 01343 545181 and arrange for it to be collected from the school before the summer holidays. After this date any artwork left in the department will be re-cycled.

Tel:01343 545181

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