We have exceedingly high expectations of our young Biologists.  Our strong relationships with our students allow us to carefully plan learner pathways and support our students along the journey to being successful.  

Our students are provided with many opportunities to access varied, fun and inspirational learning.  Students are part of a high-quality learning environment where challenge and support are an integral part of every lesson.  

Support is provided through feedback (self, peer and teacher), subject specific terminology, repeated practice, SQA past papers, problem solving skills, differentiated lesson resources, Key area catch-ups, revision planners, check tests, self-evaluation tasks, supported study, Raising Attainment packs and logs of support, which along with learning conversations document interventions put in place for students who are not meeting their target grades. Early interventions are key, and these are relayed to Guidance and SLT for full support to be given.

Below are a range of links that students should access on a regular basis:

Students are welcomed to our department in a positive ethos where they feel comfortable to express themselves and become independent learners.  Positive outcomes are recognised by staff and students are encouraged to engage in Biology adventures out-with the classroom and through trips and events.

What we teach

Our courses are specifically designed to build skills and knowledge of Biology from S1-6 with clear expectations of high standards in the quality of work and progress in student learning. This is outlined at the start of each academic year where students are made aware of course outlines to which they are accountable.

BGE: Students are engaged in a General Science course which has Units of Biology including: Environmental Biology, Cells, DNA & Me and Body Systems. These courses follow the guidelines laid down by CfE. As well as providing students with an excellent grounding for S3 and National 4/5 Biology, these courses all provide experiences which develop transferable skills such as research and presentation skills, laboratory skills and teamwork.

S3: Students who continue with Biology in S3 will enjoy 4 Units: Cell Biology, Genetics, Multicellular Biology and Life on Earth. Our S3 students are also invited to Spey bay where we learn about the Biology in our local environment.

National 4 Biology: Course information

National 5 Biology: Course information

Higher Human Biology:Students are assessed at the end of each unit and complete homework with check tests at the end of each key area to ensure that we monitor progress and intervene should there be a need. Students also complete an Assignment which is externally assessed by SQA.

Advanced Higher: The AH Biology course has 3 mandatory units including a project which will be covered as follows: Cells & Proteins, Organisms & Evolution and Investigative Biology (project based).

The Staff

Principal Teacher: Mrs J. Kerr

Mrs Kerr's Biography: My Biology teacher was my inspiration and enjoyment of Biology at Larbert High School. From here, I went on to study Biochemistry at the University of Dundee. I took 2 years out of education to gain some life experience and then took interest in Teaching. I was lucky to secure a last-minute place at Strathclyde University to study PGDE and enjoyed every moment. I have taught in many different schools but decided to settle in Moray, having fallen in love with the area. I like to relax by enjoying the great outdoors with my golden retriever, Darwin. Usually followed up with coffee & cake and endless hours on Twitter

Teacher: Miss D. Frost

Miss Frost's Biography: Biology was my favourite subject at school, so I continued with this at the University of Dundee, studying Anatomy. A natural pathway took me into my teaching degree at the University of the West of Scotland. Out of school, I enjoy walking, reading and attending dog shows with my golden retriever, Luna. I also like to collect meerkats…not the live kind.

Teacher: Mrs H. Johnston

Mrs. Johnston’s Biography: My passion for Sciences started at University as I planned on studying Medicine. Life took me in a different direction and after travelling and having a family quite young, I went back to finish my degree in Biochemistry in New Zealand. I went to complete a PGDE after having my second child and haven’t looked back. I love being in the classroom and inspiring young people. I enjoy mountain biking, gymnastics, baking and being a mum to my 3 boys and my dog Rufus.

Teacher: Mrs M. McCulloch

S3 Trip to Spey Bay:

Biology Competitions:
On a yearly basis we offer challenge and motivation through the Royal Society of Biology competitions.  

S2/3:   Biology Challenge

S5/6:   Biology Olympiad

What can I do with a Biology Career?


Click this link to view the entire Biology Course Timeline

Your part in their journey:

We value parent/carer input in supporting what we do but also how you can aid learning at home.  We hope you engage with homework set through Show My Homework and support your child in developing their learning through the tasks set.  We may also contact you through departmental letters, surveys, raising attainment packs and we would delighted if you joined us at open/parents evenings to share and discuss your child’s learning.  You can also follow what’s going on in the departments on Twitter @EHSBioDepart

Meet our four-legged friends:

Luna Darwin Rufus

Within the department we support the EHS values: Respect, Resilience, Responsibility, Support and Success.  

We also have core values which support our daily Learning & Teaching in Biology: Trust, Passion, Enthusiasm, Compassion and Positive Relationships.  

Our aspirations for our students:

We hope that our students feel confident in taking responsibility for their learning and pathway.  That they are inquisitive and try their best even though there are ups and downs in their learning.  As individuals they become independent and resilient to try their best, enjoy learning and reach their full potential.


Bigger, Bolder & Better

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