Drama Education is often described as a ' natural pedagogy' and enables students to develop their understanding of the world, relationships, culture and society. It is a mirror for real life. The nature of Drama work requires students to work collaboratively with others, explore moral and ethical issues from a range of perspectives and use their knowledge of the world to communicate with an audience.

The course should help to develop concentration, imagination and sensitivity towards others through the medium of groupwork in a variety of dramatic forms.



What we teach

S1-S3: Students develop the skills necessary to work effectively with others and extend the range and depth of their imaginative experience. They will develop imaginative thought and the ability to direct it. We encourage the pupils to express themselves through language while exploring movement as a means of communication and expression.

National 4 & 5: The course contains two units plus an ‘Added Value’ unit. As learners develop practical skills in creating and presenting drama, they will also develop knowledge and understanding of cultural and social influences on drama. Learners will analyse and evaluate how the use of self-expression, language and movement can develop their ideas for drama. They will develop critical thinking skills as they investigate, expand and apply a range of drama skills.

The Staff

Principal Teacher: Mrs N. Watson

Teacher: Mr S. McGrath

The importance of being a responsible group member must be established at the outset and encouraged throughout the course.   Qualities such as self-discipline, patience, tolerance and mutual respect should be fostered in order to ensure the pupils’ development in a secure environment.

In the Drama process, students have rich and stimulating opportunities to develop as confident individuals, successful learners, responsible citizens and effective contributors.

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