The English Department at Elgin High School aim to enhance student literacy by improving confidence and fostering enjoyment in reading, writing, talking and listening.

Our vision is to create a culture where our students become lifelong learners who are:

· Engaged, enthusiastic and empathetic

· Resilient, reflective and responsible

· Critical, creative and co-operative.

Students study a range of texts (including drama, prose, poetry, non-fiction and media), producing a variety of written and spoken outcomes assessed on S1-3 BGE literacy levels 1-4,  National 4, 5 or Higher criteria in S4-6.

We are passionate about improving students' communication skills and confidence with language, enabling them to pursue opportunities in Further and Higher education, in addition to many other careers that require effective written and/or spoken communication.  

The department also offer an elective in S1 and encourage extra-curricular involvement in writing competitions and personal reading.  We also work closely with the library to facilitate a fortnightly reading programme for our S1-3 students and organise author visits. We often work with other departments across the school in order to 'join up' approaches to literacy and broaden student experience.

Students can access the the English Departments Twitter Pages via the following links:

On Wednesday 7th February, S2 elective students who are taking part in the BBC School News Report and focusing on sport in Scotland were lucky enough to meet and interview Elgin's own Gregor Ewan, a member of the GB Paralympic Curling team, before he jets off to Pyeongchang to compete in the Winter Olympics.

Gregor was an inspirational figure: telling us how he first got into curling, his training regime, and what it's like to compete at international level. Thoroughly enjoyable and informative in good measure!

What we teach

S1-S2: In S1, students have four periods of English every week in ability groups with the same teacher. In S2, classes may be refreshed based on individual progress. Students will study a range of texts (prose, poetry, drama, non-fiction, media and texts in Scots) covering the reading, writing, talking and listening CfE experiences and outcomes. Students will be given a fortnightly reading period, language period and language homework exercise. In addition to this, they will be assessed on seven pieces of work over the academic year. We work closely with the library and encourage our students to read as often and widely as they can to enhance their vocabulary and confidence with language. Students will usually study at least one Shakespeare play every year.

S3: Students will have five periods of English a week, including a double period. They will continue to build upon the skills learned in S1-2, but with more focus on the skills required to prepare them for the rigors of S4. Classes are often refreshed in S3 to ensure a change in teacher and class. Once again, students will be given a fortnightly language exercise that may be given as homework, reading period and language period. At the end of S3, our S3 cohort will be given a reading and writing exam in the assembly hall. We aim for most of our students to achieve Level 3 or beyond by the end of S3.

S4: English is compulsory for all S4 students. They are placed in an English class that will allow them to pursue the most appropriate level of study based on their progress from S1-S3 - National 3, 4 or 5. There will be a degree of flexibility within each class to change levels if required. The department also offer National 4 or 5 Media Studies as an option for S4-6 students in addition to English.

S5: For students who have at least a National 4 English qualification, English is optional. Students with a National 3 English qualification in S4 will be required to work towards a National 4 qualification if they stay on to S5. Students who achieve National 4 in S4 can progress to National 5 English or National 5 Literacy (an alternative to the more rigorous National 5 exam). Students who achieve a C at National 5 English are recommended to study Literature 1 and Communication, an internally assessed course that is equivalent to a C at Higher English. Students with an A or B at National 5 can follow the Higher course. There is also the option of Media Studies at National 4 or 5 level, as appropriate.

S6: Students can follow the National 5, Literature 1 and Communication, Higher, Advanced Higher (if they have passed Higher English) or National 4/5 Media Studies courses as appropriate.

The Staff

Principal Teacher: Mrs L. Petrie

Teacher: Mr B. Harris

Teacher: Mrs D. McLean

Teacher: Miss G. Bissett

Teacher: Mrs S. Currie

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