In the junior phase, students have been running successful social enterprises for 3 years. The principal of social enterprise is to develop the skills of business in young people but also giving the opportunity for them to demonstrate a care for their community. Successful social enterprises make a profit, allow for development, manage resources and meet running costs as well as fitting in some kind of positive contribution. Some social enterprises have a ‘green’ element whilst others provide job opportunities for vulnerable people in society. Our social enterprises sell home made products like candles, cake mix jars, bags for life, fudge, cards and much more.

Our social concern has traditionally been to donate part of our profit to Cedarwood Daycare Centre in New Elgin so that they can purchase equipment that makes the experience for their users even better. However, in more recent months we have looked at ways to impact our own school directly in a positive way. One way in which this has been done involves partnership working with the enhanced provision department and pupils in school. This has seen pupils who otherwise would not take part in initiatives like this play a role in making businesses a success. These pupils have helped to make the products in conjunction with two social enterprise groups. Taking this inclusion principle further, students involved in social enterprise here at EHS have used part of their profit to buy a pool table for the school with the intention of allowing certain support groups in the school to use it for fun events and social activities.  The table will also be used to pilot a cue sports training elective for S1 pupils interested in learning how to play the game properly. Coaching will form a big part of this with the goal in mind of uncovering the next Stephen Hendry!

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