Detailed here is a brief overview of ICT study available at EHS. The S1 and S2 course is designed to broaden early year ICT experiences. The course has strong cross-curricular links and consists of one ICT lesson per week throughout first and second year. In S2, pupils are offered the opportunity of an ICT elective which lasts for 8 weeks and gives pupils the opportunity to explore any element of ICT of interest. No ICT/computing is currently offered to S3/S4. Plans are being made to offer ECDL to S3/S4 pupils in 2019/20 as part of a progressive senior phase ICT package. ECDL and Advanced ECDL were offered as part of an S5-S6 ICT option in 2017/18 but are on hold at the moment. In addition to the curricular areas of ICT an ICT club on Tuesday after school is offered and runs depending on the number interested. ICT club runs from 15:20 to 16:20 in S35. The club will explore any ICT area of pupil interest including a wide range of animation techniques such as stop-frame and key-frame computer animation as well as flash media and claymation as is used in the popular television programme Wallace and Gromit.



What we teach

S1/S2: The S1 ICT course is built around two separate courses. The courses are Business ICT and Creative ICT. The overall purpose of the ICT subject is to improve students computing skills and to enhance their performance in other subject areas. The skills that they will acquire will better prepare them for when they eventually leave school. Topics that we cover in ICT include: Photo editing, Audio editing, Movie making and editing, Animation, Game creation, Windows file management, MS word, MS powerpoint, MS Excel and Internet use including research and email.

S2: The S2 ICT elective lasts for approximately 8 weeks and gives pupils the opportunity to explore any element of ICT that they have an interest in. Pupils traditionally choose projects in Photography and photo editing, Movie making, Animation, Audio editing or podcasting, Game development and advanced power point. The pupils are supported at all times by the ICT teacher but have the freedom to explore their chosen subject in their own time.

S4-S6: When ECDL runs it is offered to 4th, 5th and 6th year students. ECDL is designed specifically for those who wish to gain a benchmark qualification in computing to enable them to develop their IT skills and enhance their career prospects, however , no prior knowledge of IT or computer skills is needed to study ECDL. ECDL is an outstanding qualification and should be considered as a serious option to improve your potential both at college or in the workplace.

The Staff

Principal Teacher: Mr S. Strain

Teacher: Mr C. MacDonald

Tel:01343 545181

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