As a department we are committed to the philosophy that during their time in our school each pupil should -

-  Have a positive experience in maths

-  Show continuous progression and improvement

-  Achieve their full potential in maths

We aim to achieve this by -

-  Making our teaching clear, positive and using a variety

   of methods

- Creating a supportive, controlled learning environment

- Reviewing our methods and materials

- Ensuring interactive teaching styles and assessments

  for learning are embedded in our daily practice

We wish each pupil to develop -

-  Confidence, enthusiasm and interest in the subject

-  The ability to apply maths in everyday situations

-  The ability to apply maths to other subjects

-  The ability to solve problems and present solutions


-  The ability to communicate what they have learned

-  The ability to work individually or as part of a group

What we teach

S1-S3: The course aims to develop each pupils awareness of the importance of maths in everyday life and ensures pupils acquire a full range of numeracy skills and abilities required for the modern world and other areas of the curriculum. We motivate pupils and make learning enjoyable while meeting the needs of all pupils and enabling them to achieve their highest potential in maths.

National 3,4 &5: The courses offered in mathematics provide progression from the experiences and outcomes you have covered up to the end of S3. The overall aim of these courses is to develop a range of mathematical operational and reasoning skills that can be used to solve both mathematical and real life problems in an engaging and enjoyable way.

Higher: The aim of this course is to build upon and extend students’ mathematical learning in the areas of algebra, geometry and trigonometry and to introduce students to elementary calculus. The Higher Mathematics Course enables learners to select and apply mathematical techniques in a variety of mathematical situations. Learners will be able to interpret, communicate and manage information in mathematical form.

Advanced Higher: The Advanced Higher Mathematics Course enables learners to select and apply complex mathematical techniques in a variety of mathematical situations. Learners interpret, analyse, communicate and manage information in mathematical form, while exploring more advanced techniques. It is particularly useful for students who may go on to study degree courses that involve Mathematics.

The Staff

Principal Teacher: Mrs E. Russell

Teacher: Mrs A. Keir

Teacher: Mrs A. Stewart

Teacher: Mr D. Mann

Teacher: Mr D. Sinclair

Tel:01343 545181

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