Mukonchi High School is found in an area Mukonchi, a farming block found outskirts of Kapiri Mposhi, Central Zambia. Over 90% of the population in this area depends on subsistence farming as a source of income while some commercial farming plantations provide employment to the locals. In 2001, the school was upgraded to high school status because of the increasing demand for secondary education. Therefore, from 2001, the school has served not only the community of Mukonchi but surrounding communities such as Kakwelesa, Makafu, Yongwe and Block Yard which only have Primary and Basic Schools.

The challenges that some pupils at Mukonchi High School face are typical of most schools located in rural Zambia. The most notable is the long distance that has to be covered to get to the school. Established as a day school, most pupils have had to come from their homes on a daily basis. Some of these homes are located 5 to 10 kilometres from the school. Because of the poor road network, transportation has not always been easy and pupils have had to walk for several minutes or for over an hour from their homes to school and from school to their homes.

This has adversely affected them in several ways. Pupils spoken to stated that this situation has affected their concentration during lessons and other school activities. Most of them stated that after walking long distances to school, they become tired and will take time to settle in the classroom. Some of them report to school late and will miss out during the first lessons. Tea break at 10 AM and Lunch break at 1 PM has not been fully utilized by pupils that come from far away homes.

To deal with this situation, the school has in the past few years built hostels for girls within the school premises. This has brought joy to pupils and parents of Mukonchi as a number of girls from the community and surrounding areas have moved into the hostels and meals have been provided to them. The school this year has announced plans to construct boy’s dormitories to help some of the boys whose homes are far from the school. In addition, the school’s production unit has also been revamped to provide fruits and other food items to pupils who walk long distances to get to school and other vulnerable pupils. This has pleased some of pupils at the school because this has helped them overcome the problem walking long distances to access education in the area.

Elgin High School is proud to have a long lasting relationship since 2008 with Mukonchi High School. We strive to keep good contact between our schools and doing so has given rise to the exchange programme where select students and teachers will travel to Mukonchi one year and we will have the pleasure of welcoming their pupils and teachers the following year.

Below you fill find a link for Mukonchi students to find out more about our school and Scotland as well as some information about Mukonchi High. To see photos from a recent exchange please navigate to the gallery section of our website.


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