The Music Department consists of dedicated and enthusiastic instrumental teachers, full-time and part-time, who foster a positive and creative environment for our pupils.

Our National Qualifications in Music provide learners with a broad, practical experience of performing and creating music. Learners develop performing skills in solo and/or group settings using two selected instruments or one instrument and voice. These Courses also enable learners to develop composing skills and broaden their understanding of music concepts and styles.

Students who study music at a higher level can go on to careers within sound design, stage performance, teaching and musical therapy as well as many other fulfilling roles.

Instrumental instruction has a large and very important role to play in the school. Playing an instrument and listening to music can solely enrich the life of any student and has proven to increase productivity and therefore a student’s academic performance.  At present instruction is offered in most orchestral instruments as well as pianoforte, guitar, recorder, percussion and singing.



What we teach

S1-S2: Pupils explore a variety of different musical styles and genres, and learn how to describe and play music from several countries, including Scotland, Brazil, and America. Students are offered the opportunity to try a range of instruments, such as guitar, drum kit, and keyboard, and learn how to work co-operatively to perform in groups.

S3: We are very fortunate that all S3-6 music students at Elgin High School have the opportunity to access individual or group lessons on two instruments of their choice. During class time, pupils develop their skills in the three main curriculum areas: performance, understanding, and composition. Pupils develop a greater understanding of how to read music, how to compose their own music, and how to give an effective performance.

National 3,4, & 5: The National courses offer progression from the experiences and outcomes covered up to the end of S3. Pupils learn how to perform more challenging material, both individually and in groups, and sit a performance exam in February/March. The course aims to develop creativity through composition, and students learn how to devise original music using specific software, while also broadening their understanding of music literacy. Pupils gain an understanding of a variety of musical styles, and the social and historical factors which contributed to their development.

Higher: The Higher Music Course provides a broad practical experience of performing and creating music and develops related knowledge and understanding of music. Pupils develop their skills and creative capabilities as musicians through both practical and written tasks, and gain the skills they need to perform music of at least ABRSM grade 4 standard. Learners will also develop an understanding of how to confidently discriminate between music concepts and styles.

Advanced Higher: The Advanced Higher Music Course develops learners' skills in performing, creating, understanding and analysing music. Learners develop the skills they need to perform challenging music of, at least, ABRSM grade 5 level with musical, and technical, accuracy and fluency. Learners will also develop their own composing skills through a range of practical and written tasks.

The Staff

Principal Teacher: Miss S. Mcdonald

Teacher: Mr A. Lawson

Tel:01343 545181

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