The school management has discretion to close the school if they anticipate storm conditions which would put children at risk. In October or November, all students will receive a leaflet outlining the arrangements in case of severe weather.

If in doubt the school will err on the side of caution, and consequently it has an agreement with the contract bus company that if they are concerned about deteriorating road conditions they will contact the school and as quickly as possible the students will be on their way home. So that no student will be put at risk, the bus company has the following instructions;

To convey students to their homes directly beside the bus route. If, however, home is not readily accessible from the bus stop (a), (b) or (c) should apply:

(a) To leave them at a house where they can remain under shelter until they are called for by their parents.

(b) To deliver them into the care of a responsible adult who will accompany them to their homes.

(c) To convey them in the event of failure back to school and place them in the care of the school.

When students from the country are enrolled, parents are asked to nominate a relative or friend in the town who can look after their children in the event of such an emergency. The school will arrange for transport to these addresses. If no such address is available the stranded students will be put up in the school or in lodgings.


(i) If bus students are being sent home early the school will contact the parent if a student considers it necessary, e.g. to provide transport from a road-end.

(ii) In bad weather buses can be very late in the morning, or not arrive at all. Students should wait for no more than 15 minutes after normal bus time. If the bus has not arrived by that time, they should return home.

(iii) If due to bad weather there are no buses in the morning there will be no transport in the evening. Consequently, if students find their own transport to school they should also make their own arrangements for the return journey.

(iiii) If the school is being closed because of bad weather, this information will be passed to local radio stations such as Moray Firth Radio and BBC Radio Scotland who will be asked to broadcast it. The information will also be posted on the school website ( and The Moray Council website (

If buses are cancelled, or the school is to close, every effort will be made to ensure that a message is on the telephone system by 8.00am. The following phone system is used to provide information

To use the system

■ Dial 0870 054 9999 on your telephone.

■ Dial the school's PIN number 031020. The confirmation message “Selected Elgin High School” will play.

■ Press “1” in the menu to hear severe weather information.

Alternative ways to check whether or not our school is closed:

- Check the MFR severe weather hub for the school closure list: (Severe Weather Hub)

- Listen to the radio broadcast on (

- Our Facebook activity (Click here).

- Check the head teachers Twitter feed, (Click here).

Subscribe to School Closure Email Alerts - As a member of the Elgin High School community, you can register for various notifications including school specific closure notices. To sign up for notifications you must first be registered for myaccount – a simple and secure way to access a range of online Scottish public services using a single account.  More information on myaccount can be found at

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