Student Voice is about the students. Any student, in any classroom, in any year, has a voice that should be heard in school. Student Voice gives the pupils of EHS the ability to share who they are, what they believe, and allows for students to become actively involved in the process of decision-making.

At Elgin High School we care about what the students think and take time to listen to their views. Students are consulted on whole school issues, learning in the classroom, transportation and healthy eating etc.

One Student Voice representative from each year group meets on a termly basis with members of the senior leadership team (SLT). The purpose of the representative is to be a key form of communication between students and the SLT.

Student voice should make a positive and demonstrable contribution to the life of the school .

Student Voice should be part of a system that values and respects the views of all members of the school community.

Student Voice must be inclusive and give all pupils an opportunity to participate.

Student Voice will encourage better staff – pupil relationships.

Student Voice will allow students to become involved in contributing to school policies and procedures, based on the real needs of the pupils.

Student Voice will give everyone a chance to have their say . The students will also know what has happened as a result of them being involved.

It is important to engage students in this manner and in matters that affect them as it helps students both individually and collectively, to ensure that they recognise their rights and respect and support other aspects of their physical, emotional, social and educational development.

Our motto at Elgin High School is ‘Working together for success’. We value young people and give them ownership of their learning and opportunities to make a positive impact on their time here.

“ Every child has the right to have a say in all matters affecting them, and to have their views taken seriously . “

Article 12 of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child.

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